I am an IT professional with over 12 years experience, my major focus is on Systems Management, Security, Patch Management, Active Directory, and Group Policy Management. In addition I have a degree in Web Development, my hobby degree, and do that in my spare time. When I get a chance I’ll write a blog entry here and there with hopefully useful information. I have many hobbies as well and will from time to time post on those interests as well!


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12 09 2017

I am new to STIGS. I am trying to STIG SQL Server 2014. I’ve read through your 2012 STIG, ran it and have found it most helpful. Great job, but I do not want to do what you did and write every query. Do you have the latest SQL 2014 or have you not performed this since 2012? What release was your 2012 master query that you wrote. I see that this site has not been updated in some time and was wondering if you moved to another URL or you just don’t keep this site up anymore. Please let me know, I don’t want to re-invent the wheel again.


13 09 2017


I am a SQL DBA but no longer work in the DoD and have happily not looked at a STIG for almost 4 years now! I didn’t write every query I am way to lazy for that, I wrote a script that extracted them from the XML definition files for the STIG viewer. Not sure what systems / applications are in place for STIGs these days, however I ended up writing scripts or applications to do most of the work for me whem I was dealing with them, made my life easier.

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